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--Berlin School of Mines – Preamble



Work Philosophy


The Berlin School of Mines e.V. (BSM) is an independent non-governmental and multi-disciplinary institution committed to an advanced professional training in various fields related to Economic Geology through teaching and research. It focuses on Knowledge & Technology Transfer in the frame of Development Aid.

“There is enough in this world for everybody’s need,

but not enough for everybody’s greed.”

Mahatma Gandhi‘s maxim increasingly disappeared from public consciousness over the past decades. Nevertheless, it particularly relates to the raw materials sector and the respective markets, since the consumption of fuels, minerals, and metals has reached unprecedented hights (as have related conflicts). It is almost inevitable that such a run for the commodities of developing countries also results in little or no consideration for local environments or societies. However, prosperity and economic advance of a society can, in the long run, only be achieved and sustained by a change of the economic and political approach that ultimately leads to a more economical consumption.

Finding scientific and technological solutions for a sustainable resource management and transferring them to developing countries through teaching, research, and cooperation projects (including training on the job) are vital core tasks for the BSM. Research projects will concentrate on novel processes at the BIO-GEO-interface to reduce mining impacts on the environment and to assist in the initiation of innovative markets in the cooperating countries.

Since these goals cannot be reached on a purely voluntary basis, we plan to create jobs in the cooperating countries as well as in and around Berlin (to counter the country-wide dumping of geo-expertise).


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